Disto helps you increase speed of product delivery by using LLMs to identify inefficiencies and roadblocks that slow down your engineers.

Spot Repetitive Questions and Work Blockers

Disto analyzes Slack messages to:

  • Identify when people are asking the same questions over and over again, indicating opportunities for more training / documentation.

  • Detect complaints indicating issues that block or slow down work

See Exactly What's Slowing Your Team Down

Disto shows you which part of your development cycle is slow, and tells you exactly which issues are causing the slowdown and how to solve them.

Stop Wasting Time in Standups

Say goodbye to 40-minute standups. Disto summarizes information from Jira tickets, Slack messages, emails, Github comments, and more to produce a comprehensive update and list of blockers for each engineer, so that standups can last 10 minutes or be completely offline.When a blocker is mentioned or a question is asked in Slack, Disto suggests solutions and tags relevant people, so that the issue can be resolved quickly.

Easily Identify the Root Cause of Inefficiencies

Understand what’s slowing your team down and drill down to the root cause just by asking questions.

Gain Insights on Individual Contributors

  • See an autogenerated performance summary, which clearly states strengths weaknesses.

  • Easily provide helpful constructive feedback created by the LLM

  • Identify gaps in people’s understanding, skillset, or passion for the team

Understand the Health of Your Development Process Over Time

  • Understand how fast your development velocity is by viewing metrics like tickets completed, story points completed, etc

  • See what is slowing down your team, and how much time these tasks are taking up.

  • See how much time your team has spent on writing code, meetings, or other tasks, so you can remove unnecessary work.

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